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Apartment Brigitte Spa Bük Hungary
H-9737 Bük Honfoglalás  20.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful areas in Bük, a peaceful and quiet district just a 100 m away from the town-centre. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay in a restful landscaped area with a mild and healthy climate. Restaurants, shops, hairdresser, dentist and children play areas are all around the corner. The guesthouse is 3 minute away by car from Bük Spa (Bükfürdő), with free parking on site.
Brigitte’s Guesthouse and Apartments are based in two separate houses.

Apartment house II.

Apartment house I.

A BBQ is at your disposal on the terrace for these special meals and we provide you with a locked parking space in the garden.
The buses between Bük and Bük Spas (Bükfürdő) run every half hour (with a bus stop close by).
Our guesthouse is part of the official rental network in Bük (Büki Szobakiadók Szövetség) which enables you to enjoy many discounts (on shopping, meals, dental appointments, etc.).

Enjoy a family life away from home with us.

Apartment Brigitte Spa Bük

More that a simple spa

Bük Spas are the most famous one in Western Hungary. They are the ideal place for everybody to relax, have fun and take care of their health.
210 km away from Budapest and 20 km from Austria, they enjoy a very pleasant sub-alpine climate in the midst of a landscaped park covering 14 hectares, with 27 ponds covering more than 5 100 m2, and everything needed to ensure a pleasant visit.            
With a temperature of 32-38°C in the main spa and 26-28 °C, in the pleasure and sport pools, pamper yourself. Young ones are also accommodated in specially designed pools.
In addition to the water slides, there are fully equipped play areas for our youngest guests.            
Aqua-aerobic is available on site for people taking the waters.
For a fully relaxed session, lounge beds are provided in the numerous rest areas.

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omans already knew the benefits of spa water.   
They developed a special relationship between body and mind to preserve their health.
Things have not changed much today, health remaining everybody’s most valuable asset.
To help you along the way, you should try the extraordinary therapeutic power of spa water in Bük.

Miraculous water
The unique ingredients found in Bük Spas’ water, alkaline hydrogen carbonate and a rich concentration of calcium, magnesium and fluorine, are ideal for treating diskarthrosis (spondylosis), arthrosis (degenerative osteoarthrosis), osteoporosis, discopathy, lumbago, Bechterew disease, chronic inflammations, articular inflammations, gout and rheumatisms. It is also recommended for re-education following orthopaedic or nervous system operations, injuries from accidents, gynaecological and urinary chronic disorders, chronic gastric disorders, as well as ulcer and digestive disorders.

Aquatic Amusement Park
For a fun packed day, try the sun-tanning areas in the shape of flower petals, the saunas, the jacuzzi, the river and the geyser pool with toboggans for the children.
Sport fans will find many areas, activities, programs and equipments (table tennis, fitness…).
If you have a moment to spare, practice horse-riding, tennis, bowling, golf, etc.
The area also has a lot to offer.
Close by, you will find many towns full of history :
Sopron, Kőszeg, Fertőd, Sárvár and Szombathely, a good way to improve your culture and have fun during your hydrotherapeutic cure.

...Medicus curat, natura sanat – The doctor treats, nature heals...

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